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Planning Challenges For Business Owners

10 Challenges for Business Owners

1. Deciding How or When to Keep or Sell All or a Part of the Business

2. Deciding if the Business will be a "Family First" Business or a "Business First"Business

3. Minimizing the Cost and Taxation on the Transfer of the Business and Wealth

4. Determine When or  How to Unlock the Equity from the Business - is the Current Value Enough to Meet your Goals

5. Determine How and When you will Exit the Business

6. Preparing a Succession Plan and Leadership

7. Preparing an Estate Plan that fits with the Succession and the Family and Personal Financial plan

8. Having the Liquidity and Capital available to Support Growth, Transfer the Business and Pay Potential Liabilities such as Estate Taxes or Deferred Compensation

9. Developing a Flexible Financial and Investment Plan- an Asset base separate from the business

10. Assuming your Business, Estate and Financial  Planning is All Done -  Procrastination!!