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What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

The world today is more complex. The rate of change is not only expanding, it is multiplying in an age of information overload.

Financial, Business transition and wealth planning is a jigsaw puzzle of issues - family, business, financial, and estate.

It takes a team, a collaboration of specialized knowledge with the ability to identify your needs and objectives, then create a process to identify problems and pull the pieces of the puzzle together to deliver a comprehensive financial, business and estate plan.

The team needs a leader to quarterback this process and it is a key part of what we do for our clients.

Keeping on top of your business and personal needs and finding the time to review or address all of the critical issues that can impact your wealth or financial planning is a challenge for anyone. The problem becomes more acute if you are a business owner, or high net worth professional or executive particularly as it relates to planning for your future.

Regardless of whether you intend to keep your business or sell, your business transfer, succession, estate planning, executive benefits, 401(k) plans and overall wealth plan can, if improperly managed, create critical problems that may cost you, your family or business, money or unnecessary taxes.

Unexpected law suits, dealing with active and inactive ownership of the business, shareholder disputes - disharmony, divorce, illness, disability, lack of liquidity, insufficient capital needs and much more, are just a few of the threats that can derail your family wealth or business continuation planning.

Why not take the time to find out if your current planning is still relevant for accomplishing your objectives and explore new ideas and opportunities?

We can help by:

  • A Second Opinion - Analysis to evaluate the particulars of your current situation and determine if there are gaps and overlooked opportunities
  • Create a Discovery Process - identify objectives, explore the issues and concerns with your current situation that may create problems today or in the future. The idea - evaluate where you are now and where you want to go
  • Organize Your Planning - analysis of the current business transition, succession, wealth or estate plan
  • Identify New Opportunities - explore alternatives and possible solutions that may improve your planning and meet your goals


Private Capital Solutions Group is supported by the financial, estate and other resources provided by Lincoln Financial Advisors, and our own team who have experience in wealth management, business continuation, wealth management, executive benefits and sophisticated wealth transfer strategies. Working together they support a turnkey process to help our clients seek new possibilities and to gain greater confidence for their future.


  • Develop Comprehensive Exit Strategy, Business Succession or a Legacy/Estate plan - Our objective is to simplify the process to help our clients create balance and financial clarity for attaining their business transition goals. In the process prepare them to make informed decisions to move their planning forward with a coordinated financial, family and business strategic wealth plan.
  • Financial Planning - pinpoint income, taxes, cash flow, estate growth, discretionary income and other important financial considerations and evaluate your current financial arrangements and clarify your needs for the future.
  • Create Asset and Cash Flow Models for Estate, Business Transiton and Financial Planning - Helps to create clarity and a living workable strategy unique to your concerns and objectives for the preservation of your wealth.
  • Estate Planning - We believe the best estate planning begins with a focus on lifetime planning.The financial planning strategies and the many wealth planning tools and techniques available today can directly impact how and to whom your wealth and assets will be transferred. Our work will analyze your current planning and "try - on" ideas and options to better prepare you to make decisions or reduce the impact of estate tax.
  • Executive Benefit Programs - Strategies to attract, and retain top tier executive talent. These programs are often critical components of business succession and continuation planning.
    • Strategies may include deferred compensation arrangements or ..........
    • Phantom/Synthetic stock plans designed to reward, attract and retain high level executives.
    • Select Benefits for owners and executives; qualified and non qualified plans
  • Wealth Management - we believe before a business owner or individual decides to make any significant transfers of their wealth it is important to know if they have a sufficient base of assets to support their financial independence.
    • The financial and investment planning landscape is changing everyday. We have the tools and resources to guide our clients through a comprehensive risk analysis and help them toward building a customized investment plan that is aligned with their business, estate and personal planning.
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Financial and Charitable Planning
  • Liquidity and Life Insurance Analysis
    • Life Insurance policy audits
    • Funding strategies and product selection
    • Coordination with business, estate and gift planning
  • Collaboration and Coordination of Advisors - Communication with your advisors is critical. We can work with your attorney and accountant to ensure the planning is properly implemented.
  • Family meetings - review wealth governance and succession planning
    • Intergenerational planning discussions/workshops


If you ever wonder if your planning is up to date - Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions:

Advisors, Communication and Interaction

  • Are you happy with the level of advice you have been receiving from your advisors?
  • Are your advisors asking you the right questions?
  • Who is quarterbacking your planning? Coordinating advisors? Updating the financial, business continuation and legacy/estate plan for you and your advisors?
  • Is the advice comprehensive? Are you able to cover financial planning, estate, legacy, business transition, shareholder/ownership issues?
  • When was the last time you had all of your advisors in one room to discuss and review every aspect of your current planning - business transition, wealth or legacy/estate plan?
  • If you could fix one aspect of your personal, business, estate or wealth planning what would that be?
  • If you are looking back (1) one year from today what has to have happened with your business, wealth or financial planning that will make you happy with your progress?

Shareholder/ Owner Planning

  • Shareholder's planning - do you understand what the value of your shares will be under various triggering events?
  • Do you know if your shareholder agreements are tax efficient?

Liquidity and Capital

  • Is your company liquidity and capital position aligned with potential liabilities such as death, disability, the lifetime buy out of and owner?
  • Are your bank lending covenants aligned with your succession and business continuation plans?
  • Life Insurance- when was your life insurance reviewed? Is it performing as expected?

Potential Wealth Planning Disconnects and Concerns

  • When you finally completed your planning process, did you have concerns that you may not fully understand the components of the plan or if it is effective financially?
  • Is your planning really just a patchwork of documents, insurance policies and financial statements that are stuffed into a folder somewhere or crammed into a desk drawer?
  • Is your spouse or family happy with the planning you have implemented? Have you presented it or discussed it with them?
  • Does your wife and family understand the planning?
  • Does your family or spouse have access to your digital passwords, user names and computer files if you die?
  • Are you comfortable that your planning will accomplish your objectives? Short term and long term?
  • Since you put together your estate, business succession or financial plan, what has changed in your life or business circumstances?
  • Have you ever had a concern the planning you have in place may not really fit with your current situation and the future direction of your company or family?

Business Succession and Continuation

  • Are you concerned about how to deal with active or inactive children in the business?
  • Have you thought about looking into developing a plan but you are not sure how to go about it or where to begin?
  • Does thinking about your business, family and legal plans or wealth situation keep you up at night?
  • If you could improve or change one issue or decision you made regarding your planning, what would it be?
  • Are you concerned about protecting your assets from predators, divorce, or other wealth vultures?
  • If you died or became disabled, who would operate or continue the business?
  • Do you understand how your limited partnership agreements will continue to operate if you should die or become disabled?
  • Under those same circumstances, would your spouse or next of kin be able to find all of your important documents and continue business operations?